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Osteopathy explained

Osteopathy is a logical way of looking at the body and the origin of dysfunction and disease. Its founder, the American physician Still (1870), calls it a body-friendly form of manual medicine that takes into account the self-healing power (homeostasis) of the individual in its entirety (holism). The knowledge of the relationships between the different parts and systems of the body are at the basis of this healthy and drug free approach.

In their practice, Frédéric Van Burm and his team analyse your body's history and look for causalities through posture screening, palpation and detailed movement analysis. They will also assess the necessary recovery time for your specific complaint. The strategy of treatment will be different for sports injuries, postural problems, balance disturbances, headaches, neck and back aches, digestion problems, ...


A first consultation will quickly reveal whether your problem is partially or entirely eligible for treatment and what can be expected from it. In many cases, osteopathy is already effective after one or just a few sessions. The recurrence of complaints is lower when treatment is repeated, also after the initial complaints have disappeared (prevention).

Would you like to know whether your problem can be treated with osteopathy? Frédéric and his team are at your disposal. Feel free to get in touch!




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