Frédéric Van Burm - Osteopaat, DO, M. Sc. Ost. / International Sports Consultancy
Osteopathy and football

Professional football is in constant evolution. Nowadays, professional football players have to truly become athletes. The prevention of injuries is an integral part of that evolution.

Everton trainer Roberto Martinez, having a medical background himself, has the following to say about football injuries: 'Injuries are often the result of mistakes that were made earlier. In the context of training load in the first place, but often also in combination with the player's lifestyle.'

Personal approach

Through undetected weaknesses such as residual injuries, postural deviations, problems of balance, a weakened immunity system, dental problems... sports injuries tend to occur over and over again.

As a professional osteopath in sports, Frédéric Van Burm screens the entire body, including the skull. He determines risk factors and plots them on a timeline, revealing logical connections. A personalised strategy of treatment will subsequently lower the risk of injury.
For the prevention of injuries to be truly effective at team level, a common vision and the necessary time are required, both with the players and the entourage.

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